With the chaotic nature of today’s society, meditation has become a highly talked about phenomenon. Spiritual teacher, LaVonne Weins, discussed the 3 pillars of meditation: breath, relax, and focus. The first pillar, breath, focuses on the idea of inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Staying conscious and in control of your breath is a key factor in a successful meditation. The second pillar is centered around relaxation and the importance of letting go of outside thoughts. Relaxing also includes staying still and aware of your body. Focus, the final pillar, encompasses the idea of being present in the moment. 

Weins discussed the benefits of meditating such as calming down and providing clear thoughts which is beneficial in today’s “busy culture” that so many individuals are caught up in. Weins believes that everyone is capable of incorporating meditation into their daily lives and can be practiced in many ways. Even things like taking out the trash and doing the dishes can be grounds for a successful mediation. She states, “Anything that encompasses the breath, relaxation, and focus is a form of meditation.” By remaining present and following these key steps, meditation is a simple and accessible way to live a less stressful life.

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