Three steps to unlocking more self-confidence

Good Things Utah

Certified Life Coach, Amber McNamee, came by the show to talk about the three steps to unlocking more self-confidence.

1. Stop and swap out your insecure, fearful, negative thoughts for positive ones that encourage confidence! “Our confidence comes from our thoughts about us,” McNamee said.

Here are examples of positive phrases she shared that you can think and say to create a positive mindset: “I’ve got this!”
“I can do hard things.”
“I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m going to do it anyway.”
“I love me anyway”
“I’m a perfect version of me”
“I’m exactly who I’m supposed to be”
“I am a rockstar” 

2. Borrow confidence and grow! Borrow feelings of confidence from those around you. Doing this will help you show up more for yourself and develop your intrinsic confidence. Model the behaviors and phrases of the people you admire most in your life. 

3. Get going! You have to be willing to just go do it — even when you feel insecure. Every time you go out of your comfort zone to do something, you are exercising your confidence muscle and over time you will become confident in doing the things you used to be scared to do. 

For more tips on how to develop confidence, check out McNamee’s website and Instagram

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