SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Let’s get crafty this Valentine’s! Rose Storey Usenova shows us three fun and easy D.I.Y.’s that you can do with your kids to get in some extra quality time this holiday.

All you need are pipe cleaners, beads, and clothes pins to make adorable butterfly clips. String the beads onto a pipe cleaner and twist them to make your butterfly’s wings. Twist another pipe cleaner to make easy antennas, clip it all into a clothespin, and you’re done! Your kids can bring these as their class valentines or just use them as a toy.

Next up are Valentine’s wands. Cut a small cardboard template and wrap yarn around it as many times as you can. Tie and cut the yarn to make a pom pom ball and add it to the top of a stick to make the wand. Decorate them however you’d like and get creative!

Lastly, make an easy hot air balloon valentine. These are fun to make but also make a great basket to use for your Valentine’s gifts. Get a classic popcorn box and glue a straw into each of the four corners. Then, simply tape a balloon on top and you’re done! Just as easy as it is adorable.

Letting your creative side shine through doesn’t need to be hard. Find more crafts from Rose Storey on her blog or her Instagram!