Three daily practices that cause positive shifts

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You may recognize this guest in the studio, Doug Cartright, Michelle Money’s brother, was here giving us his three daily practices that changed his life.

Doug was is very successful and seemed like he had the recipe for happiness, but he felt incomplete. Doug tells us his journey through life-altering shifts and how they changed his life for the better. It sounds complicated, but he testifies that it all came down to three daily practices: Gratitude, breath, and meditation.

Doug claims these small practices changed his life in such a positive way, that he felt the need to help people do the same. This exact reason is why Doug created his app, The Daily Shifts, so that everyone had access to change their life. The app walks you through how to complete these practices daily and even reminds you to do them.

We could tell at our first sight of Doug, that he is doing amazing and truly living his best life. Anyone can download his app, The Daily Shifts, for no cost on the app store. If you want more information on Doug or his app you can also visit his website

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