Abbi Winslow, Life Coach for Teens sat down with us today to share her wisdom when it comes to communication with your teenagers. She shares one skill to increase positive dialogue.

“Bad Communication” is the of the top issues that arise in relationships and can be a source of contention with teens and parents as teens transition from being a child to an adult. The problem really isn’t our “communication” it often comes down to a lack of skills to make us more effective communicators. 

As parents, we have a huge influence on our teen’s developing communication skills as we model correct tools that show them what effective communication looks like.

One tool to use is, “Telling the Whole Truth.”

This means being willing to share your feelings, your thoughts, and your honest reasoning behind what you are saying. This sounds easy, and it can be, but there are a few things to keep in mind. It isn’t an excuse to be mean or hateful, it isn’t letting go of decisions or boundaries, it isn’t speaking the first thing that comes to our mind.

As teens transition from childhood to adulthood, we owe them explanations and insights into how we make decisions. Your teen still might not like your whole truth or the reasons you give for the rules you have but you inviting them to see how effective communication works. A huge part of this is being willing to let go of the parental trump-card, “Because I said so” and giving up white lies.

You can get more tips for your teen directly from Abbi’s YouTube Channel: Abbi Winslow

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