Have you always wanted more knowledge about writing and publishing your own work? Susana Perez International Bestselling Author, Book Writing & Publishing Coach joined hour two of GTU to share her insights on writing and publishing a book. 

Perez’s bestselling book “Waking up from My American Dream” tells the story of Perez who immigrated to the US with her toddler, and her 10 month old baby looking for a fresh start. Perez left her hometown of Montevideo, Uruguay, and reunited with her husband, who left them a few weeks earlier to work in the United States. Perez doesn’t realize the heavy load of loss, grief, love, and hope she unraveled while being in the United States.  

Perez coaches others to write their own stories for the world to hear. It might be seen as intimidating to start creating a story. Writers often feel lost and don’t know where to start. 

Perez offers a weekly program where people can set their goals before even beginning to create a story. Perez makes note that it’s important to know who you are writing to and what the purpose of it is. 

To get into contact with Author Perez, and be a part of her program follow the links below! 

Website: www.susanaperez.com 

Facebook: @the90daybookcoach 

“Waking up from my American Dream” https://www.amazon.com/Waking-American-dream-immigration-healing-ebook/dp/B08ZM4SGWB