This fava bean dish is known as the most popular dish in Egypt

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Menna Rashwan, Owner & Chef of Aziza SLC came by to show how to make Foul, this dish is fava beans, which is the most popular, most consumed dish in Egypt.

Back in Egypt, they would gather every Thursday for family dinner. There was a lady called Aziza who would bring Menna’s family all the organic goodies from the countryside, chicken, eggs, cheese, butter & bread, you can feel the quality and the love that was put into the food & that’s where they got the name Aziza from. 

When they moved to Utah she was always longing for that same experience, so she started to cook and share food with her friends & neighbors who always gave her lots of compliments & encouraged her to open a business plus she couldn’t find any authentic Egyptian restaurants here in Utah, that’s when she decided to start Aziza SLC in Feb 2020 to bring people together through food, regardless of their culture & background, sharing the dishes that she grew up eating like Koshary, Fata, Kunafa & Baklava. 

Foul is fava beans, it’s the most popular, most consumed dish in Egypt. They have been eating Foul since the Pharaohs. It’s a very affordable & economical meal, it costs around 50 cents in Egypt & it’s vegan too so everyone can have it! It’s full of fibers, which makes it the perfect thing to have for breakfast, it makes you full throughout the day! 

Typically, in Egypt, they have it fresh, they soak the dry fava beans overnight & slowly cook them until soft & buttery. But to make it easy on us today we’ll use canned fava beans, which you can find at any Middle Eastern store. There are so many ways to cook this dish, but Menna is sharing today the classical way to do it! This is her family recipe & how she grew up eating it.  

Menna believes that there are more differences between food from the many parts of the Middle East than people think! She doesn’t know any other local places making Egyptian food. She believes she has introduced new dishes to the people here in Utah, things they’ve never had before & also, the texture & the complexity of the food that she makes is different & new. 


– 1 can fava beans 

– around 1/4 cup of water

– 1 teaspoon cumin 

– 2 tablespoons tahini 

– Juice of 2 limes (you can use lemon, but she highly recommends using limes) 

– optional 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper (it won’t be hot; the tahini will offset the heat)

– 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (try to use the best quality of olive oil that you can find) 

– fresh chopped veggies tomatoes, green onions & parsley


  1. Strain & rinse the fava beans 

2. Turn the heat on medium and add a little bit of water ( we just need to warm them up, they’re already cooked) 

3. Prepare the seasonings (I prefer to do it off heat, as this helps to keep the flavors fresher)

4. Add everything together and mix well, make sure tahini is fully incorporated. 

5. Smash the fava beans with a fork or a potato masher, smash it as much or as little as you want. 

6. Add the fava beans to the seasonings and mix everything.

7. Add the fresh chopped veggies and a nice drizzle of olive oil and to eat it like an Egyptian, serve it with warm fresh pitas & make what we call a cat ear & dip. 

Menna also cooks at a commissary (Square Kitchen), which she mainly offers individual & family meals. You can find her online can order her kunafa cups through “Hive eats” to be delivered to your doorstep.

“Hive eats” is an online food service that delivers meals to Salt Lake City from the best restaurants in Utah & they now deliver to park city too.

Find Hive Eats online, and IG

She has had some fun collaborations with some of her favorite locals as well. 3 collabs with “Normal” the local ice cream shop which they made:

1) kunafa cone 

2) baklava cone

3) pumpkin ice cream kunafa pie 

Another collaboration with Powder Peak Sweets, which they made an Orange Blossom Cream Cronut topped with pistachio baklava. 

Currently, Menna has a collaboration going on with a local Japanese dessert shop, “ Doki Doki “ known for their crepe cakes. They’re doing a sweet butter crepe cake with orange jam topped with crunchy Kunafa crumbs 

Find Aziza SLC on IG.

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