Kristin Sokol is a dating and relationship expert who says she will, “take you to the finish line!” If marriage is your end goal, she says her Get-You-Married Mind Tricks are key!

Check out her interview, and follow along with her guide below.

  • Focus on what you want instead of what you hate. 
    • Isn’t it important to know what you don’t like so you can avoid it before it comes to you? 
    • What is the Reticular Activating System, and how can it help you date?
  • Problem Solving comes later than you think.
    • Before you start a relationship with someone new, you should be sure there won’t be problems in the future, right? 
    • When is it time to focus on solving potential problems? 
    • What should we be doing early-on in to find out if this person is right for us? 
  • Rethink social media.
    • What’s the best way to use social media for dating? 
    • How can social media help you when you’re at a party? Shouldn’t we be focused on people who are actually in front of us?
    • Do we have to leave comments on other people’s posts, reels and stories? 
  • Thoughts are like children…They need supervision to be good.
    • You say our thoughts are like students in a highschool classroom, how so? 
    • What are the three T’s of thought management? 
  • Everyone needs a dating uniform
    • What is a dating uniform? 
    • Why is looking nice, even when you’re not going out, useful? 

Kristin is offering a free consult to find out more about her process and success stories!


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