The worst of the worst airplane behavior

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  • On Good Things Utah Hour 2 – ‘Rainbow baby,’ ‘sunshine baby’: After pregnancy or infant loss, grieving moms find comfort in these coded terms and symbols. Jenn Boonsom recalls thinking that getting pregnant would be a simple process, but for the California mom, the road was more difficult than expected. In 2016, at seven weeks pregnant with her first child, Boonsom suffered a miscarriage and was shocked when her doctor shared statistics that let her know she was not alone. “Despite how common miscarriage and pregnancy loss is, it’s often never spoken about,” Boonsom tells Yahoo Life. We’ll tell you what the terms and symbols mean.
  • Plus, country star Luke Bryan may have made it in the music business but he can still change a tire! According to country music website Taste of Country, Courtney Potts and her two young kids were headed home in Columbia, Tennessee, on Sunday when one of Potts’ tires blew. She was able to get the car to the side of the road and another driver stopped to help. The other driver turned out to be none other than Bryan himself, in a baseball cap and t-shirt. He told Potts that he was in the area to take his sons, Bo and Tatum, hunting. “I got out and did a double take and as soon as I heard his voice,” she told Taste of Country. “I didn’t even have time to be in shock because he’s like, ‘Look, we really need to get you out of this road because I almost hit you.'” Potts’ car was stopped near a dangerous curve in the road, she said. Bryan “went into dad mode” and helped her replace the tire with her spare.
  • At the end of the show – A photo of a passeger’s ‘rude’ in-flight act has left the internet divided. The photo was posted on October the 21st, and has since gone viral. A passenger, with long hair (possibly extentions), had draped their hair all over the back of their seat, so that it was in the space of the passenger behind them. The photo sparked a surge of people talking about what they’d do in such a situation. Join us as we jump into this hairy situation on Hour 2 of GTU!

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