SALT LAKE CITY, UT – From the voice to being a college student, Tate Brusa joins us to share his experience when he was on the voice almost 2 years ago. Now he is 19 years old and is in college and writing new music. He has some new music coming soon in the New Year 2023 and has over 5 million streams across all streaming platforms. He will also have shown around the country that will be announced soon on his social media.  

He also shared a little bit more of his experience of his damaged vocal cords and his experience when he was on The Voice. Like Blake Shelton teasing tricking him with the puppy and how much he enjoyed working with Nick Jonas. According to him he kept it a secret that he was event going on the show from everyone except a principal and then he loved the amount of support he got when he finally told people that he was on the show.  

Finally, he performed on the show with one of his original songs called “Want you back”. For this song and more check out his social media and all music streaming platforms.  

Instagram: @tatebrusa