• On Good Things Utah this morning – People are sharing the adult problems that ‘nobody prepared you for’ and they’re so true! A Reddit user named u/Frequent-Pilot5243 asked the online forum, “What’s an adult problem nobody prepared you for?” and there were a lot of profound answers that get to the heart of the disappointing side of being an adult. Here are a few of our favorites:
    • Lack of purpose
      “Lack of purpose. All your young life you are given purpose of passing exams and learning, then all of a sudden you are thrown into the world and told to find your own meaning,” — Captain_Snow.
    • No bed time
      “You can stay up as late as you want. But you shouldn’t,” — geek-fit
    • Friendships
      “Where did all my friends go?” Most of them are at the same place as you are … Probably wondering the same thing,” — Blackdraon003
    • Bodily changes
      “I’m closer to fifty than forty, would have been nice to be better prepared for some of the ways your body starts to change at this point that don’t normally get talked about. For instance your teeth will start to shift from general aging of your gums.” -dayburner.
    • People don’t change
      “Didn’t know that other adults have the emotional intelligence of teenagers and its almost impossible to deal with logically,” — Super-Progress-6386
    • Money
      “$5K is a lot to owe, but not a lot to have,” — Upper-Job5130
    • Our parents age, too
      “Handling the decline and death of your parents,” – Agave666
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