The truth about low thyroid disease that no one is talking about

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Dr. Redd, chiropractic physician and masters in human nutrition from Red River Health and Wellness, explained the symptoms of an autoimmune low thyroid, typically taking the form of depression, fatigue, weight gain, intestinal problems, inflammation, water retention, hair loss, or headache.

Through his experience, Dr. Redd notes that many of his patients have received treatment but aren’t getting better, which is likely because they still have an underlying autoimmune condition that isn’t being treated. This can potentially lead to rheumatoid arthritis, auto immunity to the brain or intestinal track. Red River Health and Wellness create a custom program intended to treat the entire problem.

Camille Kenyon, a current patient at Red River Health and Wellness was struggling with several symptoms before finally getting the treatment she deserved. Before going in, Camille couldn’t lose weight, she had mood swings, anxiety, extreme mental fog, and was consistently tired.

“I couldn’t shed any weight and I often had mood swings and had major social anxiety because of the weight and how I felt,” said Camille.

Since visiting Red River Health and Wellness, Camille has overcome mental blocks and become healthier physically (lost 45 pounds), emotionally, and mentally.

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