Mandy Merrell and Mel Craig are experts when it comes to toy recommendations. They help parents and grandparents wade through the thousands of toys on the market. On GTU hour 2, they showed viewers a few tried and true toys that aren’t one-hit wonders and can be used for many years!

  1. Stairslide: This toy is so unique and gets used by kids of every age. It turns an ordinary set of stairs into a literal stair slide. This is damage free for your stairs, can be used on hardwood and carpeted stairs, and nests together for easy storage. It is also really easy to assemble and disassemble. This toy will keep your kids entertained for HOURS.
  2. Sensory table inserts + Glo Pals: Glo pals are really fun to use on a sensory table or in the bath. You buy these little “pals” and insert the cubes in the back of the character. They are water-activated and light up once they are placed in the water. These are super fun bath toys and your collection of characters can grow with your child.
  3. Silks: Don’t ask us how many they have! These silks are beautiful and can be used in so many ways! They also come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Their kids love to put in the water, play dress-up, build forts, and fly in the sky. 
  4. BluTrack: We can’t stand car tracks that require so many pieces and are usually pre-designed. This 18ft track can be laid out the way you want. Their kids love racing down the stairs or using the window attachment. They can experiment with different track options and use their imagination. 
  5. Airfort: This is awesome because it blows up in a matter of seconds and stores in a small pouch—no poles or having to designate a large space for this toy. Kids just lift up to enter! So much open-ended fun with the Airfort. All you need is a box fan to start using the Airfort. 

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