Courtney Clark and Samantha Brannon from Set The Stage showed us their top tips for closet organization. 

Clark first showed us using a six-slot organizer to hold pre-planned outfits for the week. While the hanging organizer is typically used for shoes, Clark explained that using the organizer to hold each day’s outfit for the week is a simple hack to keep mornings running smoothly and quickly. The organizer is especially helpful for the back-to-school season to keep kids on schedule and resolve early morning conflicts.  

Brannon shared her hack which includes collapsible baskets. She said that they are easy to use for small spaces and convenient for when you need a basket to do laundry. Clark’s other hacks include using color-coordinated hangers which she said keep a uniform look to a closet and alleviate a cluttered and overwhelming look. Using small baskets to hold small items such as belts, clutches and other smaller items keeps everything in the same place and easy to locate and alleviates a cluttered look.  

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