The TikTok dance we can’t stop watching

Good Things Utah
  • On the second hour of GTU this morning – His TikTok feed is blowing up with creative and funny dance moves. We guarantee Cale Brown’s dancing skills will brighten up your Friday morning – it worked for us!
  • Plus, actress Kristen Bell admits to ‘struggling’ amid the pandemic: ‘To anyone who’s been feeling the same, you can do it’. We’ll show you her latest oh so relatable post.
  • And the story of a boss who shut down a mom’s part-time work request for the best reason. When Aaron Genest’s team member requested a reduction in her work hours to help her kids with remote learning, and Genest says he told her no – but he has a good reason for doing so and he wishes other companies would do the same. We’ll tell you what the manager said next.
  • The weekend weather has changes in the forecast for the first time in a long time. We check in with our morning meteorologist Erika Martin for the latest on our Utah air quality.
  • And finally, people are obsessed with this no-hassle inflatable hot tub you can buy online. Find out what you can install at your house for just $500!
  • And at the end of the show, non-alcoholic wines that are trending during Dry January. If you love the taste of wine but don’t love the alcohol, you might need to add these to your beverage list! Hope you join us for a fun Friday morning on GTU.

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