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Since Halloween is right around the corner, we’re talking about the spookiest creatures on the block. For most of us the terrifying three are snakes, spiders, and bats. Although these creatures can be scary, they actually do a lot for us.

Robert Blair from Adventucation joined us and explained to the crew why we should not only want to keep these creepy crawlies around, but how to help them stay around, at a safe distance.

The first and most common creature he spoke on was the infamous spider. For most of us, our first instinct is to squish and kill spiders when we see one. Robert explained that squishing the eight legged freaks makes it not only a bad day for the spider but also makes it a bad day for us. Spiders are a natural pest control, they protect us from insect infestations such as cockroaches, crickets, and earwigs. So to prevent you from spending hundreds on pest control and exterminators, Robert showed us a way to safely remove a spider from your home using only a cup and piece of paper.

The next creature Robert Blair touched on is spooky, slimy snake. Snakes are typically a little more intimidating than a spider because they are much much bigger. Despite being slimy and scary snakes are a natural pest control as well. Rodents carry many diseases and can do some serious damage to the house and pantry. Rodents are prominent in many snakes’ diets and snakes help control the rodent population. Robert recommends not overreacting when seeing a snake, just keeping a distance and leave it be and everyone should be fine.

The last, but not least, creature he explains is the bat. Bats are infamous because most believe they will give you rabies or turn you into a vampire. Before the show, Robert told us that over the past 74 years, there has only been one confirmed Rabies case in the state of Utah. Bats also eat and control the mosquito population. Now we may want them around, but we don’t want bat skat all over our porch and house. So, Blair demonstrated a bat house, much like a bird house, that once sprayed with a bat attractant and placed 100 feet away from your house, you will have a safe bat home that will help you keep the benefits of bats but get rid of the bat waste around your home.

Other than when he makes us hold the critters, we always love to have Robert on the show. If you want to learn more visit Adventucation’s website at or follow them on Instagram: @adventucation.

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