• On Good Things Utah this morning – It’s hot out there and thankfully, most people understand why it’s necessary to apply sunscreen daily, but many people may forget that it’s essential to reapply sunscreen multiple times throughout the day to ensure your skin stays protected from potential skin damage and reduce the chance of developing skin cancer. However the problem with reapplying sunscreen throughout the day, is we’re human and we forget. But thanks to this brilliant hack from TikTok mom @jettsetfarmhouse, not knowing when to reapply sunscreen is now a thing of the past! These SPOTMYUV Sunscreen Stickers is another item that we can add to our Amazon carts. With these stickers, all you need to do is apply them onto your skin, coat with sunscreen as you normally would and when it’s time to reapply the sunscreen, the stickers will turn bright purple. This ensures that you’re applying the sunscreen as often as you need to. Brianne shows us how they work.
  • Plus, scary conditions for vacationers. Yellowstone National Park announced Monday all entrances are temporarily closed due to “extremely hazardous conditions” caused by “unprecedented” rainfall and flooding. “Effective immediately, all entrances to Yellowstone National Park are temporarily CLOSED due to substantial flooding, rockslides and mudslides on roadways from recent unprecedented amounts of rainfall and flooding,” the park said in a Facebook post. No inbound traffic is allowed “until the conditions stabilize and the park can assess damage to roads and bridges,” the post added. The North, Northeast, West, South and East entrances are all closed. The park posted a situation update on its website Monday afternoon saying that no inbound visitor traffic would be allowed on Tuesday or Wednesday “at a minimum.”
  • And we are talking relationships this morning. We all know what it feels like to be rejected by someone. That’s why we try to hold people with the greatest compassion in our hearts. But sometimes we come across a situation where we realize that we need to be more discerning. We cannot just let anyone or anything into our lives. We need healthy boundaries. It’s not a decision any of us take lightly. After all, we are hardwired for connection. Our primal fear of rejection and abandonment is what motivates us to do our best to avoid relationship breakdown—even when we know the relationship is no longer serving us. Recently, I decided that it was time to seriously reevaluate some relationships in my life. After a period of self-discovery, I came up with a framework of values that helped me decide who I would allow in my life and who I would need to reject, mindfully.
    • People We Should Cut Ties With
  1. The people I can no longer trust.
  2. The people who do not respect me as a human being.
  3. The people who guilt trip us.
  4. The people who never change.
  5. The people who only show up when they need something from us.
  6. The mean people.
  • At the end of the show – The cutest dog video you will see all day! Can you spot the real dog in all of these spots? Hope you tune in for these Hot Topics and so much more this morning on a Tuesday edition of Good Things Utah.