LOGAN, UT (Good Things Utah) – Are you looking for a new dessert to try? Well Crispy Cones from Shark Tank might be just what you need! Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson joined us to talk about the invention of Crispy Cones, and their experience going on Shark Tank.

The idea for Crispy Cones started on the side of the road in a tent in Rexburg, Idaho. Jeremy wanted to revolutionize the idea of dessert cones that he had seen after his mission in the Czech Republic, and worked on the recipe in his aunt’s kitchen. During the day, he would go to school, and at night he practiced the recipe for his cones.

The Crispy Cones are an entirely different recipe than other dessert cones, and they are even vegan. The cones are made fresh in their storefront on a grill and filled with gourmet vanilla ice cream that is rotated every week.

Kaitlyn joined the team in 2019 as the social media manager for Crispy Cones, and she and Jeremy later got married after becoming best friends. They applied for Shark Tank last January, and worked with the producers for six months before pitching their idea to the sharks.

They pitched their idea to the sharks last September, and the episode recently aired on Friday. They got a pitch from Barbara Corcoran who believed in their idea, and Jeremy got emotional seeing his business become so successful after so much hard work.

Barbara Corcoran and her team are now working with Jeremy and Kaitlyn to build the business and mentor them. The next step in building the business is opening more stores across the country, with a Provo store coming in June, and a location in Logan already in operation. So far, they have 11 open locations, and plan to have 46 open by the end of next year. 

You can find more information about Crispy Cones and watch them build their business on their website at www.thecrispycones.com, or on their Instagram at @crispycones_. They also have a buy 4 get 1 free loyalty program, so go check it out!