Nicea sat down with Dr. Eric Cerrati, MD of U of U Health Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to talk about how you can look natural while getting work done, both surgically and non-surgically.

Often times we think that ‘going under the knife’ is scary and we’ll end up looking really different or like we’ve gone overboard with the procedures. But Dr. Cerrati shared with us that the natural look is possible and so doable.

A common procedure is a face lift. Recommended for those between the ages of 40-70. It used to be that face lifts would pull your face in unnatural directions, thus causing the “work done” look. However, plastic and reconstructive surgery has advanced and come a long way.

Another process done is eye lid procedures. Here, the result is more dramatic, but dramatic doesn’t have to mean looking fake. The eyes still end up looking natural, just more open and better than before. Dr. Cerrati doesn’t want to leave you looking like plastic, “elegant and undetactable” is what he’s going for.

Dr. Cerrati is offering free cosmetic consultations in addition to his George Stephanopoulos looks! Give Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery a call at (801)-585-3223 or visit them online at .

Instagram: @dr.cerrati.

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