SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — It’s that time of year when we all start thinking about getting our yards and gardens in shape for summer. But have you ever stopped to consider the health of your soil? We spoke with Cody Burr, owner of Xtreme Green, to learn more about the benefits of healthy soil and how his company can help rejuvenate your lawn and garden.

First, Cody gave us an overview of what Xtreme Green does. “At Xtreme Green, we specialize in restoring the ecosystem through microbiology,” he explained. “We provide solutions that are family, pet, and earth safe, and we believe in the food chain of microbiology. Our products help support that food chain and create a healthy, sustainable environment.”

Healthy soil leads to healthy plants, which leads to a healthy ecosystem. Not only will your lawn and garden look better, but you’ll also be supporting the food chain of microbiology, which in turn supports beneficial insects, birds, and other wildlife.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Xtreme Green can help rejuvenate your lawn and garden, visit to book a free consultation.