The secret to a 75 year marriage is all about one word

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah this morning – Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre is urging parents not to allow their children to play tackle football until they are 14, he said in a TODAY exclusive as he revealed a powerful new PSA in partnership with the Concussion Legacy Foundation. The PSA explains that the longer a child plays tackle football, the more likely they are to develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a progressive and fatal condition more commonly known as CTE. We have a clip to show you this morning.
  • Plus, as much as I hear people talk about it and strive for it, I cannot stand the concept of “balance.” I get wanting to be able to keep all your plates spinning — and the deep-seated fear of allowing the most important plate to crash while keeping the less important ones aloft. But the plate-spinning metaphor feels too stressful. It’s apt: Life does feel like a juggling act. But breaking free of the act starts with breaking free of the metaphor that insists you need to try to keep everything up in the air at all times. Hearing about the concept of tilting felt, to me, like a ticket out of the hamster wheel. I came across the idea through “Destination Simple” by Brooke McAlary. To read more click here:
  • And the 21st century has really outdone itself this time, with a hotel that will provide your plants with a vegetation vacation while you’re away. Yes, you read that right. Welcome to the Patch Plant Hotel, where your leafy friends will be looked after when you’re away from home. We wish this was happening in Utah? Reagan tells us where and when you can check your plant friends in for the weekend.
  • Finally, a Detroit couple shares their secret to a 75 year marriage. Both say it boils down to just one word: communication. We share their long lasting sweet love story.
  • And at the end of the show, have you ever wondered what your “perfect” job looks like? Reagan says look no further than the stars… She tells us about job matches based on your zodiac sign. Hope you tune in for all today’s Hot Topics this morning on GTU Hour 2.

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