Salsa Queen joined us today and talked about her upcoming appearance on a reality show and her spicy business.  

Salsa Queen’s salsas are known and beloved across the Salt Lake Valley and can be everywhere. Recently, she went to Southern California and competed in The Great Food Truck Race, a reality TV show produced by Food Network. While on the show, Salsa Queen and her husband explained that they learned how to operate a food truck and showed us one of their black bean corn avocado salsas that they made on the show.  

Salsa Queen’s biggest advice for viewers who want to start up their own small business? To not give up and always keep going, she said. It’s the small things, she said, that keep you going and making people happy with food is what has always stuck with her.  

To see Salsa Queen featured on The Great Food Truck Race, the season premieres on June 5 on the Food Network.  

You can also jump on their limited time stellar deal of $3 dollar pico de gallo on Salsa Queen’s website at