The qualities men are looking for in a potential partner

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  • On Good Things Utah this morning – After a year of solitude, dating is back! Reagan shares the results of a new survey: Here’s what men are looking are looking for in a dating partner. The perfect sense of humor, risk-taking behaviors, independency, kindness & responsibility. So what are the physical traits they look for? Tune in to find out.
  • Plus, there is a new term that you will be seeing and hearing on TikTok, Instagram and possibly out of your teenager’s mouth. It’s called “cheugy” and it’s another way to describe aesthetics/people/experiences that are basic. It was coined by a now 23 year old white woman in 2013 while a student at Beverly Hills High School, on whom the irony is apparently lost. According to the New York Times, “cheugy (pronounced chew-gee) can be used, broadly, to describe someone who is out of date or trying too hard.” It’s basically the opposite of trendy.
  • Plus, in our Parenting Moment, when it comes to mental health, moods are tricky to comprehend because you can be happy one moment and sulky the next. What makes them even harder to grapple with is that they’re abstract. Enter: mood tracking. Charting our moods can help keep our range of feelings in check by increasing awareness as to how different behaviors, situations, or activities may be emotionally impacting us, Dr. Sheva Assar further explains. “Oftentimes, when we are experiencing emotional discomfort, we may not immediately know what has contributed to it nor the specific emotions that we are experiencing,” she continues. “By taking a moment to check in, we’re able to gain a better understanding about our internal experiences, factors that contributed to the emotional discomfort, and specifically, identify and label the emotions that we are experiencing.” We share three apps that could help you get back on track. Hope you join us for these Hot Topics and more on a Thursday edition of GTU Hour 2.

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