SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH)- Cultivate positive mental health through Yoga. Elise Jones, a yoga therapist and founder of Utah Yoga & Wellness, joined us on the show today to discuss how emotional health helps to strengthen mental health.

Jones was diagnosed with CHF/heart failure which was the ultimate test of her resilience. Through this experience, Jones was inspired to begin sharing her tips on social media in hopes to bring support to others in the chronic illness community where depression is common. One of the most important things that Jones mentions is that Joy is a choice. The way this is accomplished is through mindfulness, meditation and breathing. These steps help to develop a positive mindset. 

Along with this, she also hosts retreats for women that focus on overall wellness. Her upcoming summer retreat is happening July 26 at River Bottoms Ranch in Midway. For more information, tickets or apparel, check out their website and instagram.