Kelsie Jepsen joins us in the studio today to explain how important it is to wear clothes you actually like. Jepsen runs an EmBODY Love Workshop to help people feel confident in what they’re wearing. The goal is to dismantle fatphobia culture. She is joined by her guests, Sarah Shippobotham and Meg Jackson-Drage to discuss how the workshop impacted their lives.

Jepsen mentions how hard it can be to find plus-size clothing in many stores, and when you do, the clothes are normally very drapey and unflattering. The EmBODY Love Workshop provides clothing that actually fits, allowing participants to show up as their authentic selves and enjoy the things they love.

Drage explained that since participating in the workshop she’s had more self-confidence, feels better about going out, and is now comfortable in her body. She feels more part of the world rather than being a step back or away from it. Shippobotham also mentioned how surprised she was when her friends reacted positively to her new look. They celebrated her feeling more confident and empowered.

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