Kristin Petrucci of KP Speak CPP, received her post-graduate positive psychology training from the University of Utah. It helped save her life after suffering from brain trauma, and damage in March of 2016. Known as the Mindset Architect, Kristin brings mindset training as a transformational speaker, and virtual or live team building experience facilitator.

Her main focus is to prevent burn out and increase resilience by implementing positive psychology micro-practices: gratitude, wonder and connection.

She is a Service Provider for Impact Utah, former Director of Marketing & Community Outreach at, Founder of KP Speaks, Buona Forchetta UT, co-founder of Women Soul Summit, and Author of: “Daily Reflections: Therapeutic Gratitude Practice Journal”.

Today she shared a message on the power of gratitude in the unknownt. Gratitude is more than a list, it can become a healing super power. During the holidays with in-person connection low, so many unknown factors, and many people struggling to make ends meet, gratitude with breathwork can help center and ground and bring you to the present.

Kristin has a challenge to express gratitude with a video virtually or “face to face” with three people that come to mind today! Write down two things specific they have done, and write down two things that you appreciate about them. Use this as your guide when you contact them.

Kristin has a promotion of $100 off for the ladies: Eat Pray Love Virtual Retreat happening Feb 12th LinkedIn: IG:  @kpspeaks_