Best described as tennis meets ping pong, pickleball is the fastest growing sport in Utah. Deena Marie chatted with Suzee Anderson, who’s been playing for six years, and currently travels the world competing.

Suzee says the game is easy to pick up, and a lot of fun right off the bat. It’s appealing to all ages, one where a ten year old and seventy year old can play together, making it unique to most sports.

Pickleball can be as low or as high impact as desired, the number of local courts are rapidly expanding, and are filled with a variety of abilities at any given time.

Watching pickleball pro Tyler Loong in action was a lot of fun. He’s a Utah native who played in the 2018 Canadian Open, and won all three events; singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. Last year, Tyler took second at nationals, the largest pickleball tournament in the world. He told us this sport is one in which both men and women excel.

The pickleball community is warm and welcoming, always excited to take new members under their wing. If you’re interested in getting started, join an online group, such as the Utah Pickleball Forum on Facebook, to link up with members who are happy to show you the ropes.