Create the perfect, safe play place for the grandkids this holiday season. Dyanna Bybee shares her grandparenting playhouse secrets! 

She said, when she first found out she was going to be a grandparent she started brainstorming things to consider for a fun home for the kids to play in. The first step, she said, is to choose the space where the kids can play. This, she said, is the biggest step. 

Spaces can be in a closet under the stairs, a spare room, a closet or anywhere there is room. This should be in a place where kids can be monitored if they are too young to play alone.
The next thing to keep in mind is safety. For babies and toddlers, they should be in an area where they can be watched by adults.

The next is to keep the space organized! Kids need a calm space to keep them calm. Take out a few toys at a time. They don’t need to have access to the entire slew of toys all of the time. Keep things tidy!

Bybee then said to add some comfort to the space. Add pillows, blankets, carpets, a bean bag or other creative comfy item. 

Her last tip is to be creative! There is no right way to grandparent.


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