Mel Craig, cofounder of the Toy Testing Sisters, joined the show today. Speaking of a unique cooperation, Craig and her sister have created a way to know what toys are worth the work and which ones should be skipped out on this holiday season. Many of the companies they support are local Utah companies as well! The top rated toys this year are below.

Hope Haven: An adorable lunchbox style dollhouse with magnetic sides and back and wood printed flooring. Add some critters or characters, and this makes the perfect portable toy home for the kiddos. 

Board Books:

These picture books from Let’s Go Baby Books are a great learning toy to introduce reading and picture recognition at a young age. The cute illustrations and board book construction makes them perfect for little hands.

Dress Ups:

Little Adventures dress ups and costumes are made with machine washable quality fabrics. Their dress ups are built to last! Throw them in the wash after play for more adventures!

Coloring Posters:

Kate Toleman Art makes GIANT coloring posters that are always a hit at the holidays. Our kids gather around the table coloring and completing their masterpiece with all sorts of drawing mediums.

Climbing Wall:

Megalith Climbing makes turning any blank wall into a jungle gym a reality. Their climbing panels are easy to install, can be customized to your color scheme, and hold up to 250lbs per climber.

Wild Pine Board Sorters: 

These beautifully crafted, wooden sorting boards are unique and perfect to keep little hands busy. Select a wide range of boards and custom colored gems to create a thrilling fine motor skills activity.

Hello Sugar House:

Hello Sugarhouse is a children’s heirloom block company focused on harnessing nature and color to inspire quality time and intentional play between young and old. These blocks are unique and beautiful and the perfect gift for so many ages.


This toy is so unique and gets use out of every age. It turns an ordinary set of stairs into a literal stair slide. This is damage free for your stairs, can be used on hardwood and carpeted stairs, and nests together for easy storage. It is also really easy to assemble and disassemble. This toy will keep your kids entertained for HOURS.

Splendipity Hammocks:

These luxury kid hammocks, made by Splendipity Hammocks, are handmade and fit perfectly in the corner of any room. Our kiddos love the minky interior and to hang out and read while relaxing in the comfort of their very own hammock.

PlaySmol: They have designed their bounce houses to be aesthetically pleasing–the blower is even a neutral color. They currently have 3 color options: pinks, blues, and neutrals. They offer 6×6 and 8×8. This toy will keep kids busy and bouncing! Add plastic balls for some fun sensory play.