SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Looking for someone to design and photograph your wedding? We have you covered! Branson Maxwell, an award-winning wedding photographer, joined us today to talk about his new business Wild Earth Designs where he designs floral arrangements for weddings.

Branson is the only wedding photographer and videographer in Utah who also does florals for weddings. Both his photography and floral business have won awards in the state, and this year he took home the Best of State 2023 award for his businesses.

The floral business Branson owns was started after his photography business, and he wanted to be able to control what he photographs and films. At the start of the wedding he dresses up as a florist, and when it comes time for pictures he grabs his camera and changes into his suit, combining the role of two people into one.

Both of Branson’s businesses are family run, and when they get hired for weddings they do most of it themselves. Even Branson’s nieces help with the floral arrangements and photography, and they all work together to help make weddings go as seamlessly as possible.

If you want to hire Branson for a spring or summer wedding, it’s not too late! You can find more information about Branson and his businesses on his website at or on!