SPANISH FORK, UT (Good Things Utah) – Whether you are saying “I do” or getting ready to dance the night away at prom, Veronica Micheals Bridal has you covered! Leslie Carr joined us to talk about her store and show off some designs Veronica Micheals Bridal has to offer. 

Veronica Micheals Bridal is a size-inclusive store, with sizes ranging from 000 to 26. The average wedding dress size is 16, but there are people who are much bigger or much smaller that should feel included when dress shopping. All sizes are important, and every bride is beautiful.

Leslie’s motto is “If you can dream it, we can make it”. While most stores don’t allow alterations to their dresses, Veronica Micheals Bridal will make the changes that you want to the dress so it is exactly as you dreamed for those special moments! 

The store has been around for 27 years, and from her time as a store owner, Leslie has learned that it is extremely important for the people buying these dresses to try them on first. The dresses look different on the hanger then they do on a person, so wearing the dress will help you learn what you like and allows for experts to see what adjustments they can make.

One thing that is unique about Veronica Micheals Bridal is that they try to make sure no one is accidentally twinning at an event, and will write down where the dress is being worn so that matching is impossible. While they might not always have the dress size in store, they can usually order any size dress you need.

You can visit their website to browse the dresses they have, or you can visit the store in person at their location in Spanish Fork! Veronica Micheals Bridal can also be found on Instagram at @veronica_michaels_bridal and on Facebook at @VeronicaMicheals. Happy shopping!