The Must Have Accessories To Complete Your RV

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Scott Davis from State Trailer Supply explained the must haves for your RV to be set for the summer.
New Yamaha 2000 Watt Generator–Model EF2000ISv2
  • New version
  • Can be paralleled to double your power to 4000 watts
  • Much easier to carry around than carrying one big 4000 watt generator (only 44lbs each)
  • Extra quiet, with only 52 decibels
  • It provides all the power you need to run your RV’s Air Conditioner
Porch Light With Bluetooth Speaker
  • A porch light that includes a speaker that works on blue tooth          
LED Lights For Your RV
  • Battery use is always a concern in an RV   
  • LED lights are perfect low power draw, but they have been expensive
  • The price has now come down that the average user can replace their incandescent lights with LED’s
Portable Solar Panels
  • 90 watts of portable power.
  • Easy to set up and keep you running while camping
Samlex Inverter/Charger
  • Installs in your RV and gives you house current to run all your favorite stuff
LP/CO2 Detectors
  • Keeps you safe while in your RV
  • 5 year life (don’t forget to check the date and replace as necessary)
  • We have a full lineup at the store
  • Normally used under the awning next to your RV (Gives you a clean surface outside your RV)
  • Durable, light and easy to store
  • New designs 
Stop by the Sportsmen, Vacation & RV Show to see the latest models and accessories. For tickets and information visit or State Trailer Supply,, located at 3600 South Redwood Road, Salt Lake City. 

Phone: 801-978-0400


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