The most popular holiday cookies of all time and men spread coronavirus particles more than women

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  • On GTU this morning – Good Morning America is featuring 25 days of cookies and this is our favorite! Mom and food blogger Melissa Mondragon of No. 2 Pencil blog holds the title of the most-Pinned holiday cookies of all time on Pinterest with these merry and bright M&M Christmas cookie bars. Click here for a full step-by-step guide on how to make these crowd-pleasing cookie creations:
  • Plus, a study focused on tracking the spread of COVID-19 in performing arts settings has also unveiled the population of humans who spread the most COVID-19 particles. Researchers at Colorado State University learned that men more frequently spread the coronavirus particles than women or children. The study, which lasted months, was originally developed in an effort to see what those in the performing arts can do to facilitate a safe return to the stage following the pandemic. The performing arts, from the educational level all the way to Broadway performances, were some of the most drastically impacted fields. Theaters, concert venues and more were completely shut down for more than a year. So why do men spread COVID more than women? Nicea tells us what else the study found.
  • And a Santa shortage may put some children’s visits in jeopardy this year. It really is amazing (in a bad way) how much the pandemic can affect the rest of the world, and not just when it comes to the health and wellbeing of people. The pandemic has seen shortages in food, household goods, and parents were even warned about potential toy shortages. This was a big concern, considering that Christmas is right around the corner. Now, with parents wanting to take their children to see Santa at their local mall and events, they may also have to deal with a shortage of the man in red. According to Today and CNN, there is a Santa shortage and it is due to the labor shortage and health and safety concerns that have become “normal” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that children across the US may not have the chance to see Santa and tell him what they want for Christmas. There are malls and stores in the US that are having a hard time finding Santas to come and visit their businesses, and this can be troubling for parents who don’t want to have disappointed children who are not able to share in this holiday tradition.
  • At the end of the show – Have you ever heard of misophonia? It’s a condition in which people experience intense anger and disgust when they hear other people make specific noises. If you’ve never experienced it, it is hard to understand, but for Henderson and many like her, misophonia ruins friendships and causes deep family rifts. It’s human to feel annoyed (or even infuriated) by the ambient noise created by those around us. Maybe you’ve experienced it at work when your officemate slurps their coffee. Or on an airplane when the person sitting next to you eats an apple with their mouth open, lips smacking, crunching, squelching. But did it make you so angry you wanted to punch a hole in the fuselage? Or quit your job? If so, you might have misophonia. Hope you tune in with us for these Hot Topics and more this morning on GTU.

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