SALT LAKE CITY, Utah-(Good Things Utah) All four of GTU ladies dressed up as their favorite female music icons. Nicea DeGering dressed as Katy Perry with dark locks, Surae Chinn donned a massive blonde with as Dolly Parton, Deena Marie Manzanares sported a wig with blonde tresses as a No Doubt era Gwen Stefani and Brianne Johnson was sporting pigtails as Britney Spears in the iconic 1998 ‘…Baby One More Time’ music video. These hosts can their looks down pat! These looks were no easy task and could not have been accomplished without a little help.

Ben Morgan, costume and wig stylish extraordinaire, designed and styled the wigs the girls wore as well as helped assist with their wardrobe. Morgan, an accomplished photographer, videographer and drag performer, carefully curated the desired looks for each of the hosts into the masterpieces the became. Chinn’s wig that she wore while portraying Parton was constructed using two average sized wigs, lots of teasing and a wig cage.

This is not the first time Morgan has dressed and styled the GTU girls. Previously, Manzanares portrayed “Winnie Sanderson”, the character Bette Midler plays in ‘Hocus Pocus’ as well as “Ms. Frizzle”, the character voiced by Lily Tomlin in the animated series ‘Magic School Bus’. Both of those costumes were courtesy of Morgan. Morgan started experimenting with makeup and wigs during college and has become an expert.

When placing a wig on one’s head, especially with long hair, a wig cap helps keep it in place. Several bobby pins and hair pins help assist by keeping it up. When using a front laced wig, it is crucial to glue your wig on with wig adhesive or spirit gum. The glue was also used to assemble DeGering’s Katy Perry costume.

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In addition to the fabulous wigs and costumes, the ladies had assistance with talented makeup artists, Jen Springer and Heather Nitta.

Springer’s Instagram: @ClassyByJen

Nitta’s Instagram: @HeatherNittaStudio