Salt Lake City, UT (Good Things Utah) – Utah’s own Pete Tidwell, also known as The Mighty Baker, will wow audiences as he showcases his extraordinary talent on the Netflix show, “Is It Cake, Too?” Pete Tidwell joined us today to share his belief that cake represents virtues like courage, action, kindness, and energy. He has built an entire business around this philosophy.

With his two decades of food expertise and seven years of corporate marketing, Pete Tidwell has devoted himself to coaching and mentoring aspiring bakers and small business owners. His mission extends beyond the culinary community, as he passionately encourages individuals and small business owners to prioritize their mental well-being. To further share his expertise, he will be launching a YouTube series with his award-winning recipes presented in tutorial form.

Mark your calendars for the thrilling Season 2 premiere of “Is It Cake, Too?” on Friday, June 30th. Do not miss the opportunity to see the brilliance of Pete Tidwell as he wows viewers with his unique cake creations.

Find “The Mighty Baker” on youtube by clicking here. And follow him along on social media @themightybaker.