SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – The Mamahood Podcast is helping mothers everywhere find a community where they can feel less alone. Maren Droubay, the host of this podcast, joined us to talk about why she started this podcast, and the positive impacts it has had on mothers everywhere.

This community originally started on Facebook, and the group quickly grew to have thousands of moms a part of it. After seeing the growth, Maren decided to start a podcast with Aubrey, the creator of the Facebook group, to make mothers feel seen and heard.

While creating the podcast, Maren was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and in a crash with a Semi Truck all in the same month, leaving her with PTSD and depression. These instances made her realize how much motherhood meant to her, and the burden she was carrying as a mother. She wanted to be the voice for moms who are silently going through challenges as she did, and thus the Mamahood Podcast was born, providing a community for moms to support each other.

The Mamahood Podcast’s message to mothers is that they have value and they are the building blocks of society, no matter what kind of mom they are. On the podcast, Maren talks about financial, marriage, and mental health struggles as a mom, being authentic about the challenges others don’t talk about. 

Moms are not alone, and Maren wants all mothers to know that there are others going through the same struggles they are. You can listen to the Mamahood Podcast and find more information on Instagram at @the.mamahood and @marendroubay.