The magic number for your thread count and ways to cope with a spirited child

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  • Today on hour 2 of GTU, we are live at SUU discussing what thread count you should choose for your sheets. There is a wide variety of sheets on the market ranging from 100 to over 1,000 thread count, but sheet expert says it is more about quality over quantity. You may be wondering what thread count means, so turns out it refers to the number of threads going both horizontal and vertical that each fabric contains. Our pro recommends that the magic number is 500 count. For cotton sheets, he says 250 thread count is great so you don’t get too hot. 
  • Plus, how often should you wash your sheets? Experts say every one to two weeks is great. It’s not as important how often you wash your sheets, as much as the temperature you wash them in. Sheet makers recommend using cold water to help your sheets last longer.
  • And, surveys show that older adults believe that ages 30-34 are the best years of your life. The graph is shaped in an upside-down U showing that the majority of votes are around 30-34 with a rapid decline in votes in the ages after that.   
  • Next, what would be the salary for stay-at-home moms if there was one. Annual pay would be $184,820, equivalent to some CEOs. Stay at home moms spend about 14 hours cooking, 9 hours driving, 40 hours of childcare, and 40 hours of miscellaneous tasks. 
  • Plus, if you have a spirited child, here are some ways you can cope. You can try to respect their feelings, avoid negative labels, positive reinforcement, be open and consistent, and don’t rush their transitions. 
  • Finally, we are giving away a prize package including 4 Addam’s Family 2 Tickets, a travel pillow, a mini-puzzle, face masks, and an Addam’s Family 2 Movie poster. You must be 18 years or older to enter and the contest ends on October 7th. 

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