Broadway comes to Utah! ‘The Lion King’ is now playing at the Eccles Theater and the GTU ladies had the chance to enjoy the show during their stop in Salt Lake City. Darian Sanders and Khalifa White came to the GTU set to talk about their experiences playing adult Simba and Nala.

Sanders, who plays Simba, has been busy these days with acting and also welcoming a new baby with his wife and enjoys when they come on the road with him. Based in Kentucky, Sanders has enjoyed traveling all over the country with this tour and goes home as often as possible.

White, who plays Nala, felt this was a dream come true to land this role. “I’m a 90’s girl. I grew up with the VHS,” said White. “I’ve done other iterations of the show at theme parks, so this has been my ultimate dream to be Nala.”

‘The Lion King’ will be playing at The Eccles Theater until Sunday, Oct. 23.

131 S Main St. Salt Lake City, Utah.