The latest bra trend and the woman who says she was shamed on a flight for wearing a crop top

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  • On Good Things Utah this morning – Hoshizuna-no-Hama, which translates to “Sand in the Shape of a Star”, is a small but charming Japanese beach famous for its star-shaped tiny grains of sand. Measuring only a few millimeters in size, the star-shaped grains of sand are really tough to notice at first, but as these tiny stars stick to your fingers and toes, you start to see that they look different than regular specks of sand. Some people come to Hoshizuna-no-Hama specifically to hunt for star-shaped sand, which has prompted local authorities to forbid people from taking the peculiar sand home with them. We have the pictures you have to see to believe!
  • Plus, a woman was reduced to tears during a flight, claiming she was shamed by a flight attendant for wearing a crop top. TikTok user Sierra Steadman uploaded a series of videos, alleging the Alaska Airline flight attendant threatened to kick her off the flight, and made to feel “degraded” and “embarrassed” in front of other passengers. Find out how Alaska Airlines is responding.
  • And Coco Austin, the reality TV star and wife of Ice-T, says her 5-year-old daughter still nurses and that she has no plans to stop breastfeeding anytime soon. Experts say that while nursing a kindergartner is outside the cultural norms in the US, it could have benefits for both the mom and the child. For long-term nursers, “there is a special closeness that you get,” Diane Thompson, the director of La Leche League Alliance, an affiliate of La Leche League International, told Insider. “They’re just not willing to give up that particular piece of their relationship just yet.”
  • Finally, step aside string bikinis and thongs—bras want in on the dental floss action too. Lately, I’ve been noticing a ton of bras with ultra-thin bands and straps, which is why I’ve dubbed them G-string bras. I know not everyone will be a fan of this skimpy lingerie trend, as most styles only offer light coverage. However, if you are excited to try a barely-there bra, this look is super cute for showing off under semi-sheer or backless tops.
  • At the end of the show, are you putting a little too much of a good thing in your smoothies? The next time you’re blending up a smoothie, there’s one thing health experts suggest evaluating to ensure you’re making a positive impact on your metabolism and weight loss goals. To find out more click here: Hope you join us for these Hot Topics and much more this morning on GTU Hour 2.

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