Andrea Wilde Creator of “LIVE BIG, little girl” joined hour two of GTU to share what relationship wealth is and the importance of implementing date nights in a relationship. 

Relationship Wealth is one of the 4 Pillars of Wealth that LIVE BIG, little girl focuses on. Date Night is something that can be time-blocked into your schedule to create a calendar with priorities scheduled.

Every Thursday night, Wilde and her husband schedule a recurring event in the calendar. The couple takes turns planning date night each week. Wilde and her husband decided a long time ago that they would continue dating each other and doing fun dates just besides dinner. 

Wilde has a blog called “LIVE BIG, little girl”, where Wilde talks about the 4 pillars of wealth. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and turmoil of life and lose sight of our true desires and identities. Wilde has figured out how to make her little-girl dreams a reality. 

Follow @livebig.littlegirl on Instagram to learn tips on how to improve all 4 pillars of wealth in your life. Make sure to also click on the link in the bio to find Wildes’ free list of Top10 Date Ideas.

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