The hottest hairstyle trends for fall

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Okay, yes, we are fully aware that fall feels a zillion years away, and it’s hard to accept that summer is really, truly over until it’s straight-up the middle of September and you realize you’ve been shivering for two weeks straight. I get it. BUT, that doesn’t mean hair trends of the world will stop, and now that fashion month is over and the celebrity hairstylists have spoken, we’ve officially got your lineup of the 12 biggest fall 2020 hairstyle trends you’re about to see everywhere in a few months.

Baby Braids: The two-strand tendrils of the ’90s aren’t exactly going away in 2020, they’re just getting a little braided remix. To recreate the trend, just three-strand braid a tiny section of hair on each side of your part, leaving the rest of your hair down or pulled back. Spritz all over with a texturizing spray for a mussed-up finish.
Sheer Bows for Fall: Unlike the silky, droopy bows of 2019, fall 2020 is all about sheer, structured bows. Tie it around the base of a low ponytail or at the end of a braid to copy the trend.
Barely There Waves: How to tell it’s summer (without, you know, going outside): Half of your friends start showing off their salt-sprayed beach-y waves on Instagram. How to tell it’s fall 2020: All of your friends start wearing these subtle, barely there waves, created using a flat iron on low heat and a blast of texturizing spray.
Itty-Bitty Hair Accessories: 2019 was the year of mega hair accessories, basically a collage of every single pin, clip, and barrette in your drawer. But the trend for fall 2020? Minimal and simple, like this single rhinestone bobby-pin on Kerry Washington’s lob.

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