SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH)- Dogs really are a human’s best friend. Not only do they provide companionship, but their ability to heal and calm is a discovery that is being utilized in the healthcare and education systems. Biscuit the Bernedoodle and Quincy a Wheaten Terrier, joined the show today to bring joy to all those who tuned in. Their owners Stephanie Jacobs and Maureen Feighan, discussed the non-judgmental presence of their dogs, techniques they use and their overall companionship. 

Being with dogs rather than peers is a way to practice skills in a stress free environment, Stephanie and Maureen told of the success of the Reading Education Assistance Dogs program. This program allows children to read to the dogs which then helps to improve their learning overall. Through 30 years of their experience working with dogs, almost any condition or situation and benefit form including a dog. They are not a substitute for whatever therapeutic intervention is happening; rather they enhance the interaction, providing motivation and comfort. 

The Special factor that these dogs offer humans is simply trust. It can be difficult to trust other humans in times of sorrow and hardship. These miracle dogs provide a safe space to talk and share about things that are difficult. For more information check out their website and instagram.