The Good, Bad and Ugly About Child Beverages

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Leisa from Nurture Your Sprout talks about the good, bad and ugly of beverages. 

Here is what Nurture Your Sprout said about Juice. Watch the clip for other details on babies and beverages. 

“Juice! Might seem a bit harsh to label juice, “the bad”, but here’s the facts: just like water, your child does not need juice before the 6 month mark. Actually, your child does not NEED juice well… ever.  Want? Maybe. Need? Definitely not. Juice is high in the sugar department but not so much in the nutrient department.  Up until your child is 6 years old they really shouldn’t have more than 4-6 ounces of juice a day (that’s ½ to ¾ cup).  And they don’t even need that much. I do think juice has one redeeming quality and that is to help with constipation, because a constipated baby is definitely not a happy baby.  
Even when constipated, babies only need a small amount.  Pear juice or apple juice are both great options to get the pipes moving!  So the sad news is that even children between 7-18 years of age don’t need juice, we’re talking no more than 8-12 ounces (1-1 ½ cups) a day.  If your child is a heavy juice drinker, try diluting it with water to make it stretch.  Also, make sure they’re drinking 100% juice.  How do you know if it’s 100% juice? It should say so right on the bottle.  If you’re not sure, check the ingredients.  If you’re child wants something fruity and sweet try a smoothie! Blended fruit has all the benefits of whole fruit (minus a few air sensitive vitamins) and  you can sneak in little extras like spinach or yogurt!”

See the full article on Nurture Your Sprout.

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