The flat hot dog that has the internet divided

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah this morning – It’s been a longstanding debate: “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” But now one butcher shop has entered the chat with an alternative to the beloved backyard BBQ staple and people are split on the idea of a flat hot dog. Rastelli’s in New Jersey unveiled a 3-ounce flat frankfurter ahead of the Fourth of July and the internet had a field day, questioning whether it still could be considered a hot dog. Reagan has very strong feelings about this one!
  • Plus, the majority of Americans believe in aliens, and we really do think they come in peace. According to a Pew Research study, about 65% of people said they think there is intelligent alien life on other planets. An even stronger majority of about 87% said they don’t believe UFOs are a security threat at all or only represent a minor one. Americans under 30 years old and men are the two groups most inclined to believe in extraterrestrial life.
  • And relationships during the pandemic were tough for couples. Now that we are coming out on the other side, what can couples do to mend their issues? Surae tells us what has changed and how to make small adjustments that can really help at home.
  • Finally, social media trends aren’t always what they seem — especially when it comes to food. Though some viral recipes live up to their fame, others don’t taste quite as good as they look on camera. Instead of spending your time testing every single recipe that comes along, look out for the cooking tips you’ll use more than once — like these six trends. Since each trend can be adapted multiple ways, you’ll get more out of them than an over-the-top rainbow dessert recipe you’ll only make once. To see all the latest trends click here: Hope you join us for a fun Thursday morning edition of GTU.

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