The first place people hide their Christmas presents

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  • On GTU this morning – Once all the Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday deals have been taken advantage of, where do you hide all those presents until they get wrapped and placed under the tree? A new survey shows that we’re all pretty unoriginal when it comes to our present-hiding spots, and that your kids almost definitely know where their gifts will be stashed until Christmas morning. The survey, conducted by storage company Neighbor, showed that the bedroom closet is the most popular place to hide presents, with 53 percent of people saying they’ve stashed some gifts there. Other popular spots were spare rooms, coat closets, under the bed, and in the trunk of a car.
  • Plus, during the holiday season, a Favorite Things party is a perfect low-key party that you could throw as a way to get to know people better! If you’ve never attended one, it’s the perfect way to get to know more friends, and is so easy to host. You can invite a lot of people with very little work or stress. It’s a fun party for everyone because everyone gets involved and interacts. Plus, everyone goes home with a few new gifts! The ladies tell you what you need to put the whole party together.
  • And save your self from holiday burnout! You want to make sure you have holly-jolly energy left to share with those you love. So to all my magic-makers, consider this a reminder to set some limits, ask for a helping hand, and give yourself some grace. Because momma, you deserve happy holidays too. Here’s your first mantra – holiday magic doesn’t mean always saying yes. When I was growing up, my mom would have an annual cookie extravaganza. She’d make dozens and dozens of cookies. Enough for Christmas, two Christmas Eves, three holiday parties, four children’s classrooms, and a partridge in a pear tree. Y’all, it was a lot of frickin’ baking. And did she do it all from scratch? Of course she did (including that buttercream frosting). And yes, we absolutely loved it! So naturally, I carry on the tradition. To read the entire article, click here: Hope you join us for a fun first hour of GTU on a Wednesday morning.

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