There’s only one person we could have brought in to review Taylor Swift’s, “The Eras Tour” concert film, and that’s our producer Sariah Farmer! Our go-to gal for all things T-swift, she is not only Taylor’s number one fan, but we think she’s a dead ringer for the pop star!

Sariah tells us what it took to film the concert over the course of three nights in California, and how they did at capturing the magic of being there in person for the big screen. The film is on track to do a whopping $150 million at the box office, proving that it’s Taylor’s world, we’re just living in it.

There might be a few songs cut to keep the experience a little shorter than the concert, but the surprise songs make up for it. Grab you gal pals, your date, or go solo, just make sure to dress up in your favorite era! Sariah also has the tips to putting the perfect outfit together. Time to shop and snag our tickets.