Avion Mcnab, owner of Avion Photography says boudoir sessions are so much more than just pretty images. It’s a way to see yourself in a whole new light, and be seen through someone else’s eyes. It’s a way to celebrate your body not matter what stage of life you are in. Couple’s sessions are also an option, and a great way to document your love, or bring back some spice in the relationship. 

She says, “we all have that voice in our head telling us we are not young enough, skinny enough, pretty enough. Boudoir is a day of pampering. My sessions include a full make over, and I have a client wardrobe of over 3000 pieces all colors and sizes. These types of sessions don’t have to be for anyone else but yourself.”

We are worth getting a stunning piece of artwork made of ourselves, such as an album or canvas print. Boudoir is very healing for many, and Avion says she has had women tell her they had the courage to quit a job they hated, sky dive, or leave a bad relationship after their sessions. 

You don’t need to lose weight before your session, but are encouraged to come as you are. It’s hard to love ourselves in all stages of life. 

Avion encourages women to join her all-women’s Fb group. It’s a loving supportive group where women can get support for anything. She does giveaways, contest, model calls, monthly events, and host retreats all about support and empowerment. 

If anyone mentions Good Things Utah when they book, they will receive a free 11×14 print, which is a $500 value. 

Private women’s group Vintage Lace Boudoir by Avion💋 | Facebook or www.avionphotography.com