The car-cool dad dresses up for school

Good Things Utah

There is a dad in Utah who takes his carpool duties seriously, in a fun way. Seth King dresses up in a different costume every morning when he carpools his kids and some other neighborhood kids to school. Seth is keeping his kids and many others very entertained with his costumes with over 130,000 followers on Instagram.

Seth said he started dressing up because his daughter was going to a new school this year and her first day he wore a costume to attempt to distract her from her nerves. Although his daughter acts like she hates it, it seemed to help out her nerves. She might not be nervous for school anymore but he continues to do it, and we all love it.

Seth has all of his costumes planned out for the rest of the year. To see what he’ll do next or to see any of his past costumes you can check out his Instagram @latenotes

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