Crystal Borup is a yoga teacher, mentor, best selling author, and soulful living guide. She sat down with us this morning to talk yoga, and how it transends beyond the physical. She took her first yoga class 24 years ago, and has had a strong yoga and meditation practice for 18 years.

A teacher for 10 years, Crystal has owned her own studio and yoga school. Work has taken her to India, Ashrams, to study with Swami’s, and train under great teachers. 

“Yoga is not a physical practice. The physical practice of yoga, which we call Asana, is a tool to help prepare the body for meditation. Asana clears and balances the energy channels and prepares the body physically to be able to sit in meditation for longer.” Says Crystal.

Yoga is the union of Self with the Divine. The Divine might be something different to all of us, God, Buddha, universe, or nature, it is a force greater than us. 

“Yoga is absolutely for everyone. It is your birthright. Keep searching until you find the right teacher that resonates with your heart and helps you understand yoga in the deepest possible sense.”

Crystal is also an Amazon Best Selling Author, her book Yoga Beyond the Physical: Practices and Insights to Deepen Your Yoga and Enrich Your life, was published this year. In this book, she shares personal stories and insights, dives into what yoga is, and gives the reader tools to help them go deeper into your own practice, which will ultimately help you to experience that union.

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