The best way to sit for your digestion (hint: it’s not in a chair)

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In countries like India, Japan, and China, eating while seated on the floor serves as a habit, ritual, and wellness practice all in one. Resting in Sukhasana, or “easy” pose, forces you to sit taller with every bite, and improves mobility in the hips and ankles. But there’s yet another reason why you might want to take a seat on the floor before dinner no matter where you call home. In ancient Ayurvedic medicine, it’s believed to prime your digestion. The reason why sitting on the floor is so great for your gut comes down to (are you surprised?) the core. Ayurvedic medicine posits that the crisscrossed position makes you use your midsection to lean forward to take a bite. That tiny bit of core work encourages the stomach muscles to gently contract and expedite the process of your meal moving from your mouth to your stomach and to… other places.

Plus, from restaurants to hair salons, some businesses are battling the cost of operating during the pandemic with extra fees. But is it legal?

For many smaller companies without a massive cash buffer to protect themselves from downturns, weathering the coronavirus pandemic has been a tall order. As a solution, some are adding small COVID-19 surcharges to customers’ bills, which help make up for the cost of heightened cleaning procedures and inflated inventory prices. Though these charges aren’t commonplace, they are gaining popularity among businesses, from restaurants to hair salons. “I would call it more of a trickle than a flood,” said Ted Rossman, an analyst for “It’s pretty easy to find at least a couple of notable examples in each major city.”

And finally, can you still socialize during the pandemic? Experts say yes if you stick to these safety tips:

***If you’re going to socialize, do it outdoors
Why is being outside so crucial? The virus is diluted outdoors so even if someone is shedding the virus, Turner explained, the wind will scatter it, allowing your immune system to tackle the much smaller quantity of virus it may encounter. “That risk is just so much lower outdoors,” he said. “It’s not zero, but it’s much lower.”

***Stick to the 6-feet rule
Just being outside isn’t enough. Because it’s such an infectious virus, “social distancing is still very key,” Turner said. “I consider it a minor inconvenience that if I’m going to see friends, then I’m also going to want to not share food, utensils and beverages, and I want to constantly try to have everybody keep their hands clean, and maintain social distance of six feet or more apart from one another, aside from those who live with you in your home. …Yes, what we crave is a more normal existence but we are not there yet. And the big goal here is to not get sick.”

***Share a grill, but ask your guests to BYOB
“I’m a huge fan of grilling, I love to barbecue,” Turner said. “I’m very much in favor of socializing as long as you can do it prudently.” That means BYOB drinks and sides, he said, ideally with a separate table for visitors. “It is possible to share a grill with people,” he said, because coming from a high heat environment where the virus can’t thrive, that food will be sterile. Just don’t share utensils. (We have taken to marking ours with colored tape when we visit friends!)

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